UT? (you there)

This piece begs the question “what is the comfort noise of social media?”
Comfort Noise Generators have been used in many communicational media – they generate artificial background noise and add it to the channel between transmitter and receiver. This assures those conversing that silences in dialogue are not indicative of a disconnected call. What is equivalent of a ‘comfort noise generator’ in the realm of social media, specifically facebook? What static keeps you compelled, posting, and perusing for (on average) 17 minutes of every day?
Comfort Noise retrieves your most liked status update, and analyses the sentiment in terms of ‘positivity’, ‘negativity’, ‘honesty’ and ‘aggression’. This will determine which type of noise provides the basis of your personal ‘comfort noise generator’. To add some rhythmic variety to your noise the app also pulses the sound in accordance with your personal ratio of “liked” updates to “unliked” updates.

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Works best on Firefox. Wear headphones for the best experience!

Visualisation adapted from Jos Dirken
Noise Library sourced from Zach Denton (aka NoiseHack)
Sentiment Analysis sourced from Lauren McCarthy’s Appropriating Interaction Technologies repository