Data Mining && Divination


This project was begun over the course of a week at Metal Digital Labs in Southend and was recently exhibited at Abandon Normal Devices 2011 in Liverpool. It’s intended as a mediation upon the predictive power which results from data mining large databases. This predictive power is marshalled as a new paradigm within science, utilised to attune relevance marketing to consumer behaviour, and (perhaps more worryingly) lies at the root of behaviour inferencing.

Data Mining Divination was commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices 2011, which had as its core theme ‘belief’.

Datamining && Divination fitted quite well with this theme given its concern with the faith placed in algorithmically perceived patterns and the sway they hold over us

Datamining && Divination is an open ended project: the ambition is to build a sufficiently robust database in order that it can be subjected to various forms of data mining algorithms. In order for that juncture to be reached it would be necessary for 1000′s more entries to enter the database, and even then it could transpire the fields of data I have logged would merit revision.

Ergo it is an open ended speculation, difficult to reach the hoped for end point where algorithmic pattern seekers can generate knowledge from the data residue of patterns discerned by humans. The immediacy of the project comes from making an experience out of data entry and from recording video footage which can be subsequently utilised for computer vision pattern detection

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