Contemplative Computing

Crowds of people are susceptible to material vibrations, but such waves elicit little effect upon computers. Human beings only have analogue outputs; we communicate and modulate via longitudinal waves. Computers have digital inputs and outputs, and analogue outputs, granting them advantage in terms of who and what they can sway. Contemplative Computing is a literal meditation on what the algorithmic power of computers now enables us to discern about our world/existence while exposing a lopsided power structure in the vibrational exchange between man and machine.

A contrast is drawn with mantric chanting: millennia-old embodied technologies of knowledge systems with greater respect for intuition and introspective reflection.

Contemplative Computing is the outcome of a collaboration between Lisa Baldini and Stephen Fortune.

It was previously demonstrated at the “We Are All Transistors” MAIM Expo 2010 [PDF]


Contemplative Computing  explored knowledge systems, vibrational ontologies and alternative cybernetic avenues. Click here for more


Contemplative Computing was composed of an assemblage of open source software and hardware. You can view the scripts utilised here]


Contemplative Computing was an experiential exploration of knowledge systems. Click here for more