Wetware Ontologies Experiments

I have preferred to alter the way I approach media art for the year 2013 in favour of low overheads experiments in order to better acclimatise to producing via immersion in the process. My interest in applying this approach to Biotechnologies has grown from the ideas and inspiration I have derived from my ongoing tumblr wetwareontologies.tumblr.com

Wetware Ontologies exploration celebrates the fact that most media art is derivative: it restages previous experiments in new contexts to generate novelty. Playful and curious are the only aspirations I set myself for this series. Each page reads as a project diary rather than portfolio exposition

Code that has been used to accomplish each exploration is available at this github repository. BLASTPlanchette is envisioned as being the most code heavy exploration and ergo it has been left til last

Wetware Transductions(ongoing)

Gran-Syn(th)Bio-Goats(in progress)

BLASTPlanchette (concept)