Rebooting Computing Workshop

Rebooting Computing was a workshop hack day delivered to key stage 3 secondary school teachers by the Open Systems Assocation (of which Stephen Fortune is part). In keeping with what the teachers wished to learn a series of introductory workshops to Arduino were convened. Each workshop adopted a lateral perspective on computing.

The Ambient Alarm Clock harkened back to seasonal sleeping patterns through employing an Light Dependant Resistor Circuit.
The Bio-Sensory body workshop showed how arduinos could act as simple GSR sensors, in one breath allowing the electric potential of bodies to be elaborated upon and the historical fallibility of polygraphs to be explicated.
The Dinner Hostess reinvented the arduino as a conversation dictating lamp. It illustrated the often unintended sociability of machines and computing.

Rebooting Computing was funded by Southend Education Trust and produced through a collaboration between the Digital Exploration Centre, Yoha, Goldsmiths, Centre for Cultural Studies and the Open Systems Association