peristaltic self

Peristaltic Self

Photography Courtesy M_DOK Media | photographer M. Cianfrani

Biodynamic Psychotherapy, as practised by Gerda Boyesen used peristaltic biofeedback to help patients work through trauma. Boyesen termed this psychoperistalsis.

This strikes me as interesting way for somatics to interrupt the ruminations of our conscious mind, which I consider guilty of not seeing the wood for the trees when trying to work through mental trauma.

I wonder whether the urge to quantify and analyse and surrender elements of our volition to personal data analytics is an extension of the same negative tendencies of the over-thinking facet of the human mind.

To explore biofeedback against the implications of Quantified Self, Peristaltic Self was begun.

I have plugged into various ways of quantifying my self. To accompany these data points I am recording the sounds of my gut as the data is logged via an electronic stethoscope.

This is an ongoing investigation. Per the tenets of information sciences, a large sample of data will be collated before any experiments are conducted.