Invisible Airs

Invisible Airs is an artwork by YoHa. Stephen Fortune assisted in the research of the project, and aided in the interventions and public seminar. It’s a series of pneumatic sculpture(s) which visualise Open Data datasets.

Invisible Airs was commissioned by The University of the West of England’s Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) in collaboration with the Bristol City Council’s B Open data project.

The public expenditure (a high publicity topic following revelations about MP abuse of expenses) datasets made available were visualised by mapping the data to air pressure. The PSI of air pressure drove a series of pneumatic contraptions.

These contraptions were toured around Bristol City in a series of interventions, where members of the public had their shoes polished, took a ride on the expenditure data throne, and competed with the Open Data potato cannon.


Stephen Fortune delivered a lecture on excavating the origins of a datasheet (opens in iframe)

(should you wish to watch it you can do so here and here)


There is a documentary of the project courtesy of Alastair Oldham