‘Data Shadow’ Puppetry

This workshop used Mozilla’s Lightbeam transparency tool to explore the data trails which might be cast by the stereotypes which marketing segmentation divide consumers into.

A catalogue of such stereotypes was assembled in Axicom’s (an American marketing agency) Brochure and providing the ‘raw material’ for this workshop. read the brochure (opens in lightbox)
Since this workshop concluded the UK based agency YouGov have launched an interactive segmentation tool that affords another novel interface into the abstractions which data mining consumer data produces.

The workshop combines ‘search term’ data sourced (more accurately, generated) from Google’s adword generation tool through an automated version of Firefox (the code for doing so is on the github here). The automated process collects random links from the first page of Google results for each search term returned by the Google search engine. These URLs are fed into Firefox, running Lightbeam, which visualises the 3rd and 1st party connections that result from visiting a given website.

Axicom’s Platinum Oldies: sites visited during above shadow [json]