I, Bacteria: Build

I, Bacteria is an ongoing research investigation.

The following two videos were exhibited alongside the prototype methane whistle in New York, as ways of exposing the process leading up to the frozen realisation.

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The initial desire had been to isolate the methanogens from inside of me and utilise them in a the methane whistle. However for several reasons (not every human has methanogens, methanogens are hard to work with in pure cultures, culturing anything from inside the human body runs a high risk of amplifying pathogens) I turned to building a methane digester using ruminant faeces (a plentiful source of methanogens, archaea). For more see the blog


As part of the desire to return to (keep continuum with) microbes which have some entanglement with humans I turned to lactobacillus, a bacteria common in many probiotics. This experiment attempted to see if any of the volatile organic compounds produced by probiotic and craft beer based lactobacilli could be captured in DIY airtight housing