AND Festival Documentation


People who partake in submitting their data to the database embark on a two step process. For the first section some cursory data (at this stage of our conditioning to data entry) is entered while a cup of loose leaf tea is poured by the Computer’s assistant. The participant reviews the Institute of CASTology’s end user license agreement and proceeds to drink their tea.

The tea cup has a webcam affixed to its base, capturing footage of the tea leaves as they swill and settle in the tea cup.

Once they have finished imbibing their tea, the participant enters the data demanded by the computer, which populates two distinct tables within its database (one for the computer, concerned with harnessing human vision to not only identify the shapes in the cup but also the number of tea leaves present, and another for the human). Crucially they must tell the computer what shapes and initials they see. Once all the data is tallied, the computer prints their fortune.

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